Our Services


  • easy Shipping
  • hassle-free customs
  • nation-wide trucking
Charity Services International has the expertise to handle all your logistics needs when it comes to delivering your goods to your partners in the field.


  • proven Documentation
  • Timely Communication
  • expert audit support
Trust us to provide tested, proven documentation and administrative support for the entire process, from moving your goods to your programs, to working with your auditors and CPAs.

About Us

When your charity is given a donation of goods, Charity Services International comes to help you with the logistics and administration of getting the gift you received into the hands of people who need it as part of your program services.

If you've ever tried to navigate the complex world of overseas shipping or the papertrail of documents required to back up your donations, you know it's no easy task. That's where we come in. Charity Services International has spent years developing fail-safe processes and connections across the logistics and charity communities to help you move your donations to your program partners with ease. Whether you need to send donated medicine to Africa or a couple of pallets of t-shirts to Arkansas, we can help you make it happen.